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Wild Target

Wild Target“The wickedly funny crime caper Wild
stars the brilliantly dead-pan
  Jean Rochefort, one of France
s finest
  character actors, as a totally-focused
  hit-man. If you missed it first time around
  at the cinema in 1992, it’s available now
  for the first time on DVD!”

MIDDLE-AGED PROFESSIONAL KILLER Victor Meynard (Jean Rochefort, in arguably his finest ever role) is fast approaching retirement from the family business passed on to him by his parents in the black comedy Wild Target. During one of his assignments he is unlucky enough to have a witness to his killing and he has two choices — either eliminate the young messenger Antoine (Gillaume Depardieu, son of Gerard) or take him into the business and train him.

Hot-headed Antoine is not only a lousy shot but he also cannot bring himself to kill, and when they are given their next assignment — to dispose of glamorous young art forgery dealer Renée (prettily and wittily played by Marie Trintignant), a petty thief who has conned a notorious gangster — the experienced and meticulous Victor also finds he is unable to kill the girl.

The out-of-control and amoral Renée, who will steal anything and everything that is not nailed down, takes on Victor and Antoine to protect her from the gangster who had hired the hapless hit-man in the first place! The fun steps up as the unlikely trio hole up in Victor's remote home.

“Events quickly
spiral out of control
for inscrutable professional killer
Victor Meynard
after a pretty thief
turns out to be
a Wild Target...
But as the pedantic, obsessively clean and organised Victor realises how hard it is to live with two difficult young people, things take a turn for the worse with an unexpected visit from Victor's murderous mother, Madame Meynard (a wonderful portrayal by Patachou) — who taught him all she knows — and the inevitable messy final showdown with a very angry client who will go to any lengths to exact his revenge.

Featuring a superb performance from Jean Rochefort Wild Target is very funny and compelling, splattered with dry wit and black humour and some well-observed takes on human behaviour. The English subtitles are easy to read and do not distract too much from the dialogue.

One of the stand-out French comedies of the Nineties, Wild Target was released in France as Cible Émouvante and the British remake starring Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt and Martin Freeman has just been released in cinemas (June 2010).

Writer/Director Pierre Salvadori's outstanding debut, the original wickedly funny crime-caper Wild Target released in 1992, shoots onto DVD for the first time ever, courtesy of Second Sight Films, on 21 June (2010). RRP: £19.99 | Running Time: 97 Minutes.

"Wild Target is very funny and compelling, splattered with dry wit and black humour and some well-observed takes on human behaviour" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Rochefort is quite superb" — Radio Times

"A knockout farce" — Time Out

Wild Target also features: Charlie Nelson as Hector Dremyan; Wladimir Yordanoff as le Mafioso corse; Serge Riaboukine as Manu; Philippe Girard as Tony; Christopher Odent as Girard; Philippe Harel as Barnabé; Daniel Laloux as L'expert; and Pascal Pistacio as Roland Balto. Director of Photography is Gilles Henry; Original Music by Philippe Eidel; Director of Production is Patrice Arrat; Co-Produced by Gérard Louvin; Produced by Philippe Martin; and Original Story and Directed by Pierre Salvadori.