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Wind River
Wind River “In modern-day Wyoming, a teenaged
  American Indian girl is found dead on
  the snow-covered plains in freezing
  conditions, barefoot and partly dressed
  and miles from the nearest town — but
  what seems to be death by misadventure
  rapidly becomes a murder investigation
  led by an inexperienced female FBI
  agent and a highly-competent tracker in
  the gripping thriller Wind River

EXPERT TRACKER CORY LAMBERT (Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner: Best Actor The Hurt Locker, 2004; Best Supporting Actor The Town, 2010) is hired to hunt down mountain lions or coyotes that attack livestock in the area around the city of Lander, nestling in the starkly unwelcoming snow-covered plains of Wyoming.

Divorced from his American Indian wife Wilma (Julia Jones: The Twilight Saga franchise), he is hoping to spend some quality time with their son Casey (Teo Briones), whom he takes to his parents-in-law Alice (Tantoo Cardinal) and Dan Crowheart (Apesanah Kwat) on the Wind River Indian Reservation while he tracks a mountain lion and her two cubs.

Wind River is riveting.
A fantastic film with
a terrific cast,
sympathetically written
and beautifully shot
in the spectacular snow-
covered wilderness...”
Young FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen: Avengers franchise; Ingrid Goes West) has been brought in to investigate the possible rape and murder of 18-year-old American Indian Natalie (Kelsey Asbille: Teenwolf; Embeds), whose body has been found in the frozen wilds, mysteriously partly dressed and barefoot. What was she doing out in the middle of nowhere by herself? Was she running from something that had frightened her?

Working out of Las Vegas, Jane does not know the land and has been told that Cory is the best person to help her find her way in the freezing wilderness. Cory also has a strong interest in finding out who is responsible for Natalie's death as she was his daughter's best friend.

Local Sheriff Ben Shoyo (Graham Greene) and his deputies have been told by the Medical Examiner that Natalie's death was, technically, due to the affect of the extreme cold on her lungs so cannot therefore be called murder, even though the circumstances are highly suspicious. This means that Jane will have to investigate herself without the essential full FBI back-up team who would usually be deployed in a murder case.

Jane and Cory's investigations lead them to a trailer park where Natalie's boyfriend Matt Rayburn (Jon Bernthal: The Walking Dead; The Wolf Of Wall Street) has been living — but Matt has disappeared and the men who worked with him are not happy to answer questions.

In fact the men are hiding a terrible secret and as Jane and Cory are joined by the local police, they are in grave danger from desperate men who are determined to stop them untangling a web of lies and cover-ups.

Cory cannot hide his pride in Natalie, who ran further in the extreme cold than anyone should have been able to, but what — or who — was she running from?

Wind River
is riveting. A fantastic film with a terrific cast, sympathetically written and beautifully shot in the spectacular snow-covered wilderness, telling the traumatic story of a murdered teenaged Canadian Indian girl and a hunter who, aided by a rookie female FBI agent, refuses to give up on finding her killer.

It is shocking to note, as the film states, that although missing person statistics are compiled for every other demographic, none exist for American Indian women and therefore nobody knows how many have gone missing in recent years.

The area around the Wind River Reservation sees extremely harsh winters and over one hundred years ago the Eastern Shoshone tribe and the Northern Arapahoe would have moved away in the Winter and only returned in the Spring. The participation of the Northern Arapahoe Tribe, the Shoshone Rose Casino and the Wind River Hotel and Casino are acknowledged.

Filmed on location in Utah, Wind River also features: Tokala Clifford as Sam Littlefeather; Althea Sam as Annie; James Jordan as Pete Mickens; Tyler Laracca as Frank; Eric Lange as Dr Whitehurst; Martin Sensmeier (The Magnificent Seven franchise) as Chip; Matthew Del Negro as Dillon; Hugh Dillon as Curtis; and Gil Birmingham (Hell Or High Water) as Martin.

Score Composed and Performed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis; Director of Photography is Ben Richardson; Produced by Wayne Rogers, Basil Iwanyk, pga, Peter Bery, Elizabeth A Bell and Matthew George, pga; Written and Directed by Taylor Sheridan (the Writer of Hell Or High Water and Sicario). The song See You In Hell was Written by Joseph Laplante and Performed by Joey Style.

* The star-studded action crime thriller Wind River is released in the UK on Digital Download on 8 January, 2018, and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on 22 January, 2018. Certificate: 15 | Year: 2016 | Running Time: Approximately 1 hour 50 minutes.

DVD & Blu-ray Bonus Features — Deleted Scenes: Sounds Like Wolves & Jane Checks Into The Motel | Behind The Scenes with Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olson & Taylor Sheridan.

"Wind River is riveting. A fantastic film with a terrific cast, sympathetically written and beautifully shot in the spectacular snow-covered wilderness"
***** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

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"One of the best films of the year" — HeyUGuys

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