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The Windsors: Royal Wedding Special
The Windsors: Royal Wedding Special  “Wickedly, shockingly and irreverently
  funny, the UK is about to be graced
  with a further episode of the satirical
  The Windsors as the actress and the
  prince prepare for their alternative
  wedding in Channel 4’s The Windsors:
  Royal Wedding Special

WHO KNOWS WHAT GOES ON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS as wedding preparations are underway for a prince? Well, we do now with the release of the latest DVD from The Windsors: The Royal Wedding Special, with imagined shenanigans as the alternative Royal Family prepare for the wedding of the year.

The original all-star comedy line-up reprise the roles of the madcap monarchy as Prince Harry (Richard Goulding: Fresh Meat) finally proposes to his beloved Meghan (Kathryn Drysdale: Benidorm), the American actress who has stolen his heart.

A riotous, fun-tastic
spoof, dripping with the
deviousness and
mischief we have come
to expect from
The Windsors.
The alternative Windsors
at their worst;
satire at its best...”
Gaffes galore occur when Prince Charles (Harry Enfield: Harry Enfield and Chums) crosses the Pond to meet Meghan's mother Doria (Suzette Llewellyn), minus his usual retinue and unable to brush his teeth without help.

Meanwhile back in England, William (Hugh Skinner: W1A) is aghast to see a Tramp Catcher (Paul Kaye) attempting to remove homeless people from the streets of Windsor before the wedding.

He and Kate (Louise Ford: Crashing) are finding the responsibility of a third child difficult, so discuss family planning to ensure there is no fourth; and Camilla (Haydn Gwynne: Drop The Dead Donkey) is busy not preparing for the forthcoming wedding.

Now Camilla has not only to contend with Wills and Kate's popularity, but also Harry and Meghan's. And she is scheming to make sure the friendship between Kate and Meghan will not last. She simply will not tolerate being eclipsed by the junior royals.

And in the household of Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie (Celeste Dring) crows over her forthcoming wedding to Jack (Tom Stourton) while she and Princess Beatrice (Ellie White), who laments her unfortunate love life, update their fashion blog.

Their mother Fergie (Katy Wix: Not Going Out) is upset as she is yet to receive an invitation to the wedding but is excited to accept a lucrative offer to commentate for an American television company.

Harry's former girlfriend, Kate's sister Pippa (Morgana Robinson: Morgana Robinson's The Agency) is green with envy as she still carries a torch for Harry and plans to poison Meghan — although she insists she is happy with her husband. In a bitter display of sibling rivalry, she gives Kate special smoothies to make her put on weight so she does not fit into her wedding outfit and so cannot upstage Pippa.

Charles consults his alien friend, Harry is arrested for indecent exposure and Pippa makes a last-ditch play for him; Wills prepares to have the snip and consults the ghost of Prince Albert (Michael Rouse). Through it all, Princess Anne (Vicki Pepperdine) glides silently through the scenes like the spectre at the feast, declaring that she would rather be with her horses than attend the wedding.

With Beatrice dating a handsome Jeremy Corbyn (Tom Basden) — who becomes her plus-one for the wedding — and becoming influenced by his beliefs, Meghan is having second thoughts about her marriage and Harry is voicing his doubts to his father, who is "improving" a priceless Gainsborough.

Contemptuous of Jeremy Corbyn, Anne has plans for him; and throw in Pippa and Camilla's scheming and Charles' inappropriate speech and The Wedding of the Year may turn into the wedding of chaos!

A riotous, fun-tastic spoof, dripping with the deviousness and mischief we have come to expect from The Windsors. The alternative Windsors at their worst; satire at its best.

Outrageous it may be, but take a pew for access to all areas. Things are starting to look pretty dicey in the run-up to the wedding. One might suppose that even the real Royals would be amused…

The Windsors are back for a right royal riotous special with their own take on the marriage of Prince Henry of Wales to Ms Meghan Markle, so don your best ball gown, polish your tiara and roll out the red carpet to accept the invitation to the alternative wedding of the year!

The Windsors: Royal Wedding Special also features: Paul Wingrove as The Archbishop of Canterbury; Phil Zimmerman as Homeless Man; Joanna Bredees as Sad Lady; and Holly Dale Spencer as Amber.

Music is by Ian Masterson; Cinematography by Greg Duffield; Costumes Designed by June Nevin; Written and Created by George Jeffrie and Bert Tyler-Moore; Executive Producers are Camilla Campbell, Robert Wulff-Cochrane, George Jeffrie and Bert Tyler-Moore; Producer is Imogen Cooper; and Directed by Adam Miller.

* The Windsors: Royal Wedding Special is released on DVD in the UK, hosted by Acorn Media International, on 28 May 2018. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 45 Minutes | Catalogue Number: AV3488 | RRP: £9.99.

"A riotous, fun-tastic spoof, dripping with the deviousness and mischief we have come to expect from The Windsors. The alternative Windsors at their worst; satire at its best" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Hilarious… glorious… made me feel quite patriotic" — The Guardian

"The Windsors is a blast" — The Telegraph

"A sublimely daft look at the royal family… genuinely hilarious" — The Express