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John Motson’s World Cup Heroes And Villains

John Motson's World Cup Heroes And Villains“Having put together a definitive list
World Cup Heroes And Villains,
John Motson shares his knowledge as
a British broadcasting legend and all-
  round football expert in a fascinating
  DVD that has been released exclusively
  by 4DVD just in time for the Christmas
  stocking of any footie fanatic

WITH ENGLAND QUALIFYING FOR THE 2010 WORLD CUP, attention has turned to "the beautiful game". John Motson's World Cup Heroes And Villains makes a timely appearance on DVD this winter as England's fans count down the days to the biggest sporting event of next year.

Actions speak louder than words. And that's true of British broadcasting legend and all-round football expert John Motson as he guides you through a celebration of the greatest goals and golden moments — as well as all the traumas and tribulations that can torment a nation!

With one of the most recognisable voices in sport, John has for over forty years described thousands of goals and many magic moments, heartbreaking decisions, triumphs and disasters. He brings his reputation for statistic-filled commentaries to this compilation of his World Cup Heroes And Villains, throwing in a few shocks and surprises from nine World Cup Finals along with some of the greatest moments in football.

John looks at the worst sending-offs by referees, loony fans, silly celebrations and the biggest tantrums. John Motson's World Cup Heroes And Villains has nine exciting sections that will make your heart soar as you watch the World Cup's most talented players in action or make you sigh in disbelief at moments of madness.

Geoff Hurst fired his third and final goal for England under manager Alf Ramsey in the famous World Cup Final on 30 July 1966 — when eleven Englishmen became immortal. John speaks from Wembley Stadium, looking at England's finest from 1966 through Gazza until today. But will we ever again see the likes of the 1966 team?

John's first World Cup Final as a commentator in 1974, with Yugoslavia against Zaire, saw the first goalkeeper substitution in a World Cup with Zaire's Tubilando. The result was still 9-0 to Yugoslavia, equalling the record set at the 1954 World Cup when Hungary beat South Korea. Sadly, Zaire has never been back.

John Motson's hero Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and Germany's Paul Breitner are among those singled out for brilliant goal-scoring, along with Diego Maradona's magic. Playing for Argentina at Azteca Stadium, Mexico, in 1986, his second goal against England was one of the best in the quarter final. However, he will forever be associated with "the hand of God".

The great Pele and the brilliance of Brazil are highlighted along with Dutch masters Cruyff and Bergkamp. England's Trevor Brooking, Gary Lineker, David Platt, David Beckman and David Seaman merit mention, along with Cristiano Ronaldo, the World Cup's all-time top goal scorer.

Goal scoring brings adulation and elation, with the sheer joy expressed in impressive cartwheels or even dancing. Penalties can be vital and we look at Lothar Matthaus in the 1990 West Germany vs Yugoslavia match; Roberto Baggio, the most expensive player in the world in the 1990 Italy vs Czechoslovakia match; and Johan Neskens' penalty for Holland in the 1974 World Cup Final.

The sights of football include the most tattooed team in the World Cup and the startling blond-haired Romanian team. And the surprises when in 1966 at Ayresome Park, North Korea actually beat Italy. North Korea, incidentally, has qualified for the 2010 World Cup.

There are times in football when moments of madness crush the hopes and dreams of a nation. The DVD also features: "The Battle of Santiago", the fight that broke out at the Chile vs Italy 1962 game; Zidane head-butting Materazzi in Berlin at the World Cup 2006 between Italy and France; Aldo's touchline tantrum; Valderama's bad hair days and Wayne Rooney's sending off.

Own goals are always tragic, such as Argoos in the USA vs Portugal 2002, but some of the players can be so certain it's in the bag that they get a bit carried away. Scotland has seen virtually every campaign involving them become a nightmare.

John Motson's football knowledge is encyclopaedically good and he is every football anorak's ideal mate down the pub. He even creates a world of Mottys at one point, clearly yearning to be able to talk football with someone like himself.

Goals and a plethora of other incidents, accidents, bloopers and screamers come thick and fast. Nothing we haven't seen before, but well worth a second, third and fourth look. An ideal Christmas gift for any football crazy youngster — or dyed-in-the-wool oldster!

Join in World Cup fever and brush up your knowledge of the highs and lows of the World Cup: John Motson's World Cup Heroes And Villains is a must-have for all football fans and is released exclusively by 4DVD on Monday, 23 November (2009). RRP: 19.99 | Running Time: 87 Minutes Approx | Catalogue No: C4DVD10306.

Section 1: Greatest Goals | Section 2: Red Mist, Red Cards and Referees | Section 3: Close Encounters | Section 4: Dodgy Defenders | Section 5: Keeper Classics and Clangers | Section 6: The Beautiful Game; Shocks and Surprises | Section 7: Controversies and Conspiracies | Section 8: World Cup Crazy | Section 9: Heroes; The Beautiful Game; Fantastic Finals | Extra Time: Facts & Figures | Wembley Way | Quick Quiz.

"John Motson's World Cup Heroes And Villains well worth a second, third and fourth look" — Peter Brownlow, MotorBar

"John Motson's World Cup Heroes And Villains will make your heart soar as you watch the World Cup's most talented players in action or make you sigh in disbelief at moments of madness" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar