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Wreck Rescue

Wreck RescueDo you look at a rusting hulk and see
  it as a beautiful, fully-restored vehicle?
s Mark Evans presents
  the workshop adventures of five
  determined enthusiasts who have lived
  the nightmare and followed their dreams
  of a Wreck Rescue

MARK EVANS UNDERSTANDS DEDICATION. Over the last ten years and with the help from his workshop pals, he has built a supercar from scratch, put together a 200mph aeroplane and painstakingly restored various rusty wrecks back to their former glory — all in front of television cameras.

Well-known around the world for his incredible workshop adventures, Mark has even built his own helicopter. And now he presents four-and-a-half hours of restoration mayhem, including over forty minutes of previously unseen footage, from his most recent television series Wreck Rescue on this compulsive DVD.

Mark has put his own projects on hold for Wreck Rescue, the hit TV programme that sets out not to physically help enthusiasts with their projects but to inspire and motivate them to realise their restoration dream.

Having been in classic car restoration for a number of years, Mark has seen almost everything. Sadly, many potentially brilliant projects are started but never finished and end up abandoned and rusting. But Mark's mission covers five very different projects that are being undertaken by real people with fixed deadlines — and Mark will see them through from start to finish.

The restoration of the five vehicles — a Frog-Eye Sprite, a Capri, an Elva 100, an AEC Matador and a Land Cruiser — has been filmed over 18 months, mainly in the UK but also in Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Poland and France. Wreck Rescue sees these five people take on projects that could present a much bigger challenge than the restorers anticipate.

Few amateur restorers complete their projects because of the many setbacks and, like 20-year-old Lizzie Bartlett, they lose heart. But Lizzie doesn't stay down for long and, as she and the other stars of Wreck Rescue prove, you really can make it happen.

Lizzie loves her 1959 Frog-Eye Sprite. Having rescued it from the scrapheap (and parting with over £1,000 for the dubious privilege), she is determined to restore it and take part in The Border Classic in ten months time — even though it is her first-ever car project, she is working in a tiny garage and she knows nothing at all about the task ahead. But she knows a man who does: her father Steve is familiar with restoration.

Although Lizzie works seven days a week and at times becomes utterly despondent, she is determined to see the project through — in spite of Mark telling her that he has never seen a car in such a state. With Mark and Steve firmly behind her and £8,500 invested in her dream, Lizzie surprises everyone and comes through her self-imposed grafting and a multitude of dramas with more than just this beautiful car.

Next up is ex-mechanic John Hill with his project — a "driveable but decaying death trap" of a 1972 Mk1 Ford Capri that he wants to restore to take part in a gruelling event it was never designed for — a Classic Trail, which involves taking it on a demanding hill-climb.

John funds his lifelong car obsession by trading car parts on the internet, and it is this work that keeps getting in the way of his restoration. Twelve-year-old son Michael also helps and is as obsessed as his father. Experienced motorsport competitors will soon have to accept the fact that these two stalwarts are not as mad as they first thought…

Mark recalls spending much of his childhood in the back of a Capri and also travels to a small fishing village on the outskirts of Cophenhagen in Denmark to look at a fine Capri that has been owned by the same person for the last 38 years!

Take any car apart, says Mark, and you'll reveal trouble. But what if the car has already been dismantled and all you've got is a box of bits? That's what furniture company boss Steve Russell buys, believing he will be able to build his dream car — a 1959 Elva 100 single-seater race car — in time to compete in the celebrated Historic Grand Prix in Pau in the South of France. But his plans to take the car out on one of the oldest and most dangerous street circuits in the world could change when his project is beset by problems. And not all the bits in the box belong to the same car!

Tempers are frayed, alternative ways explored and sometimes it just makes you want to cry. But enthusiasm wins and when military vehicle mania gets the better of enthusiasts Peter Read and his son Steve, they find hidden strengths in order to resurrect a former RAF Truck found rotting in a woodland grave.

Peter and Steve literally drag the AEC Matador back to life, even curing their own ash tree to rebuild the cab. There is a very special reason why Steve wants this vehicle spotless and in working order — he needs it to get him to the church on time and without a hitch.

And finally, a story of a 1980s Toyota Land Cruiser that's really going places. City stock-broker and eBay addict Paul Graham-Clarke faces crunch time when he has no alternative but to pay up and call in the professionals while restoring a wrecked Toyota Land Cruiser bought online.

A very rare find in the UK, the Land Cruiser is destined to accompany Paul on his ultimate overland adventure — the long road home from London to Cape Town. And he has just ten months to turn this sorry-looking vehicle from rusty to trusty.

A Jungle Television Production, the Wreck Rescue series is Produced and Directed by Ant Palmer (Chateau Monty, Save Lullingstone Castle, No Going Back). The DVD contains over forty minutes of previously unseen footage that includes: All five original 'opening titles' featuring fantastic original archive engineering drawings and photos | Several Behind The Scenes sequences during filming | Range Rover Rescue when Mark's trusty 28-year-old Range Rover refuses to take him filming | Interview with John Haynes: The amazing story behind the world's best known DIY workshop manuals | Beaulieu Autojumble film, including an interview with Lord Montagu.

Wreck Rescue is a thoroughly absorbing DVD with capable presenter Mark Evans taking it out of the norm as the restorers struggle to get their vehicles in working order and have some fun on the way — it's enough to get you heading for the breakers to find a project of your own. Not!

Wreck Rescue is out now (released 1 December, 2008). DVD Discs: 2 | Running Time: 4 hrs 30 mins (approx) | Region: 0 (Playable in all regions) | Contents: All five workshop stories as transmitted | Bonus Material: More than 40 minutes of unseen footage | Price: £19.57, available exclusively from

"Wreck Rescue is a thoroughly absorbing DVD with capable presenter Mark Evans taking it out of the norm as the restorers struggle to get their vehicles in working order and have some fun on the way — it's enough to get you heading for the breakers to find a project of your own. Not!" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

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