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Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners with Desi BartlettPost-Christmas blues and over-
  indulgence just fade away as you work
  through the fantastic DVD from Acacia,
  Yoga For Beginners with Desi Bartlett —
  which can start you on the road to a
  new, slimmer and fitter you for 2009

EVERYBODY SHOULD TRY YOGA. Yoga relaxes the body and the mind and helps to make you more flexible, reduces stress, increases muscle tone, improves your posture and brings peace and harmony into your life. You may surprise yourself and join the many others for whom Yoga has been a life-changing practice.

Desi Bartlett's new DVD, Yoga For Beginners, tells you everything you need to know about experiencing Yoga, from the simple meditation before you start through to Savasana, the relaxation pose as you end your session. Desi takes you through every stage, explaining each movement thoroughly with easy-to-follow demonstrations.

Yoga For Beginners is divided into sections and Desi starts with Yoga Basics, advising the wearing of loose, comfortable clothing and demonstrating how to breathe as you practise Yoga. She also highlights the benefits of using a Yoga Mat, Yoga Strap or a Yoga Block, meditating before you begin Yoga and the need for a blanket to keep you warm as you relax at the end of your session.

Desi advises regular Yoga to reap the benefits of this wonderfully relaxing practice. In her introduction, she mentions "two of the most amazing gifts found in nature" (the sun and the moon) which influence two very special Yoga practices — Solar Practice and Lunar Practice. One is an active-yet-easy yoga flow for toning and the other is a slower, deeper workout.

Solar Practice embodies the qualities of the sun, warming the body and promoting a great sense of inner strength. Create the feeling of a river of sunshine and feel radiant from the inside out.

Lunar Practice explores slower, deeper stretches that nourish the connective tissues. The energy from the moon is cool and reflective and you can enjoy this as you let go of stress or tension. Inspired by the qualities of the moon, this practice brings you serenity and peace.

So if you want to feel re-energised and to revitalise your body and mind, try the uplifting Solar Practice; but if you are stressed and anxious, you'll find Lunar Practice will help. Yoga is one of the best ways to tone and build long, lean muscles while energising and restoring the body and mind, so go ahead and try both practices for different reasons.

Yoga For Beginners is, as its title suggests, ideal for beginners — or anyone wanting an effective Yoga workout. It is a moving meditation in a union of breath and movement — the word Yoga means 'Union with the Divine source of all life' — and can help you to understand who you really are. "The light in me recognises the light in you."

Yoga For Beginners is Produced by Micheline Barry and Directed by James Wvinner. Director of Photography is David Jones; Art Director and Production Designer is Ben Whittaker; Music is by ShamansDreamMusic and is Composed by Armani Friend and Rara Avis.

Yoga For Beginners is now out on DVD and is released courtesy of Acacia. Release Date: 27 December (2008) | RRP: 12.99 | Running Time: Approximately 50 minutes.

Desi has been teaching fitness classes for over sixteen years, encouraging students to tap into their inner joy and allowing each movement to be its outwards expression. She has Mexican roots and lives in California.

Check out desibartlett. For the record, Desi uses environmentally-friendly yoga mats from jadeyogamats.

"Yoga For Beginners You may surprise yourself and join the many others for whom Yoga has been a life-changing practice" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar