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Shiva Rea Yogini Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Women

Shiva Rea Yogini Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Women“Keeping fit, well and flexible could not
  come in a better package than the
  Rea Yogini Vinyasa Flow Yoga For
DVD that is beautiful to watch
  and easy to follow as you learn how to
  balance your body and your mind...”

THE EXQUISITE SHIVA REA introduces her own style of graceful exercise to keep you young, flexible and beautiful; describing the essence of her healing programme for women as being "to honour the full spectrum of a woman's life".

The Shiva Rea Yogini Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Women DVD will show you how to tone and empower while reducing stress and renewing energy as the renowned instructor uses her vast experience of Yoga to bring you a fantastic practice programme that is dynamic, strong and sensual exercise.

As the world's leading teacher of Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yoga Trance Dance, Shiva Rea brings you her nourishing yoga practice that is tailored for all time and energy levels and offers a selection of five sequences to suit busy lifestyles. It includes a heart centred practice, a flowing backbend session, a series of empowered standing poses and a healing medication for relaxation.

Yogini is a carefully considered, rejuvenating yoga programme designed for women to tone the body and balance the mind, despite powerful opposition from everyday modern life, it offers flexible practices for inflexible lifestyles.

Relaxing and uplifting, the programmes within Shiva Rea Yogini Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Women incorporate gentle lifts and stretches with a full explanation of what is happening within your body and how to achieve each pose. Shiva Rea's calm, positive voice and fluid movements will encourage you while you work out at your own pace.

Promoting peace and harmony as you work towards your full potential, Shiva Rea Yogini comprises of: Healing Meditation For Women; Flow Of Love: Back-bending Vinyasa; Flow Of beauty: Fluid Back-bending Vinyasa; Flow Of Empowerment: Standing Pose Vinyasa; and Shavasana.

Beautifully filmed on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, under a breathtaking waterfall, Shiva Rea demonstrates the fluid Vinyasa practices, specifically designed for women to reconnect with their inner creative energy (Shakti) while promoting vitality, inner strength and health in Shiva Rea Yogini Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Women. Director is James Wvinner.

A brand new DVD from Acacia, Shiva Rea Yogini Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Women will be released on 12 April (2010). RRP: 14.99 | Catalogue Number: AC6056.

Contains: Introduction; Workout Options; Bonus Features; Music Options; Also From Arcadia; Credits.

Bonus Features: Bonus From Exhale's Core Fusion | Pure Abs & Arms | Bonus From Shiva Rea: Daily Energy | Shiva Rea Biography.

"Shiva Rea Yogini Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Women a celebration of the wholeness of being a woman" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Powerful but graceful, assured but accessible" — Yoga Journal