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You, Me & Them
You, Me & Them“After a series of disastrous romances
  a thirty-something singleton meets the
  man of her dreams following his messy
  divorce, but he is 26 years older than her
  and will soon be history if her nightmare
  family and his ex-wife have anything
  to do with it in the highly amusing UK
  TV Gold family comedy series You, Me
  & Them

MEETING A LIVE-IN GIRLFRIEND'S FAMILY for the first time is always daunting, especially when her mother is the same generation as you and wants her daughter to have a normal life, as attractive Ed Walker (Anthony Head: Merlin; Dancing On The Edge) discovers when he falls for the lovely Lauren Grey (Eva Myles: Torchwood; Frankie), who is 26 years younger than him in the highly amusing sit-com You, Me & Them.

It is not just the pedantic and prejudiced Emma Grey (Susie Blake: Mrs Brown's Boys; Great Night Out) and her interference that Ed has to deal with but Lauren's pernickety father Clive (Jeff Rawle: Holby City; Hollyoaks) who follows him around asking him inappropriate questions to see if he is suitable to be his daughter's boyfriend!

You, Me & Them
is an enjoyable family
comedy with plenty
of opportunities
or laughs
and for the talented cast
to showcase their
Throw in Lauren's sister Deborah (Daisy Beaumont: Whitechapel; New Tricks: Fresh Starts), who cannot keep her mouth shut, her husband Keith Mason (Marcus Garvey) and their troublesome children Charlie (Miller Henderson), who has a habit of repeating his family's observations at the worst possible time, and Ellie (Alice Felgate) who has just been dumped by her boyfriend and is in teenaged angst and you have the perfect family. Not.

Furthermore, Ed's ghastly ex-wife Lydia (the superb Lindsay Duncan: Le Weekend; Count Arthur Strong) has moved in next door and will try any trick in the book and a few more besides to drive a wedge between them. If that's not bad enough, Ed's bumbling brother Alan (Nigel Betts) is staying temporarily with them. And then Ed's ne'er do well grandson Tim (Joshua McGuire) turns up with his eye on Ellie!

Horror of horrors. Chaos rules. And things are about to take a turn for the worse. Alan has found a potential girlfriend, the food-snob Mags (Felicity Montagu) and Lydia has just the right advice for him or has she?

Genuinely in love with each other, Lauren and Ed have to be strong and resilient in order to weather the storm as her nightmare family, his former wife and his friends who think Lauren is just a trophy wife all voice their opinions on what is a true love match.

You, Me & Them is an enjoyable family comedy with plenty of opportunities for laughs and for the talented cast to showcase their craft. Well observed human traits and colourful characters hit the right spots in this six-part series that was commissioned by UKTV Gold.

You, Me & Them also features: James Alexandrou as Phil; and Cameron jack as Brian Galaskinki. Music is by Vince Pope; Director of Photography is Steve Buckland; Producer is Angela Sinden; Executive Producers are Helen Williams and Jimmy Mulville; and Director is Simon Hynd.

* From the makers of Outnumbered comes the dream couple with the nightmare family as the fun family comedy You, Me & Them is released in the UK on DVD by Acorn Media on 6 January 2014. Catalogue Number: AV3145 | Running Time: 180 Minutes Approximately | RRP: 17.99. Extras Include: Bloopers | Behind The Scenes | Cast And Crew Interviews.

Available in High Street DVD stores, online at AcornDVD.Com or by calling Acorn on 0845 123 2312.

"You, Me & Them is an enjoyable family comedy with plenty of opportunities for laughs and for the talented cast to showcase their craft" Maggie Woods