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Chimerica Chimerica — an electrifying geopolitical thriller about what is considered to be one of the most iconic images of all time...

EARNING PLAUDITS GALORE and described as an 'electrifying thriller' by The Guardian, Olivier award-winning playwright Lucy Kirkwood's stage play Chimerica is set for the small screen treatment as a powerful and timely four-part series. After airing on Channel 4, this unique drama is now arriving on DVD and digital courtesy of Acorn Media International.

Adapted by Kirkwood for TV, this fictional story about true events has been brought up to date using the notorious 2016 US Presidential election as a backdrop. It explores the murky borders between fact and fiction, truth and censorship, political manipulation and personal sacrifice.

Award-winning actor Alessandro Nivola (American Hustle, Disobedience) stars as Lee Berger, the photographer behind the seminal Tank Man of Tiananmen Square photo, captured during the deadly 1989 protests in China.

Now working as a dedicated photojournalist in America, accusations of fake news are levelled against him, and he sets out to reclaim his credibility by searching for the subject of his most famous picture.

Joining Lee on his frantic search are seasoned reporter Mel Kincaid (Cherry Jones: Transparent; The Handmaid's Tale), corporate market researcher Tess Kendrick (Sophie Okonedo: Hotel Rwanda; The Hollow Crown) and cynical newspaper boss Frank Sams (F. Murray Abraham: Homeland; The Grand Budapest Hotel).

Lee also enlists the help of an old friend, Chinese activist Zhang Lin (Terry Chen: Jessica Jones; Birth of the Dragon) who has troubles of his own, while Jimmy Wang (David Tse: Chimerica on stage) gets caught up in Lee's grand quest. Can he uncover the elusive truth before it is too late?

Win the DVD (MotorBar has two copies up for grabs!) and find out! To be in with a chance of winning Chimerica on DVD tell us the actual date the Tank Man of Tiananmen Square photograph was taken.

A) June 4, 1989

B) June 5, 1989

C) June 6, 1989

Only one entry per person. Email your answer to before the closing date of 6th June.

Please also make sure you put 'CHIMERICA' in the subject line and include your name, age, address, and a contact number.

Blue Blue is a cinematic song for our oceans; beautiful, intimate and grand. Fearlessly truth-telling, yet passionately hopeful. Watch this film and you will want to rise up with the waves...

HALF OF ALL MARINE LIFE HAS BEEN LOST in the last 40 years. And by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

This powerful feature documentary from renowned film-maker Karina Holden (Magical Land Of Oz) takes us on a provocative journey into the ocean realm, to witness a critical moment in time… when the marine world teeters on a knife-edge.

Following its theatrical run Blue is now set for its UK digital release on 29 April 2019 with the DVD release to follow on 1 July 2019 from Sparky Pictures.

Blue presents a fascinating and important story that needs to be told. We journey across the seas and into the world of passionate advocates for ocean preservation, where the story of our changing oceans is unfolding. Our inspirational guides, Lucas Handley, Madison Stewart, Philip Mango, Dr Jennifer Lavers, Tim Silverwood, Mark Dia and Valerie Taylor, have one common aim, to be guardians of the ocean and inspire others to join their work to protect the world we live in.

They are defending habitats, campaigning for smarter fishing, combating marine pollution and fighting for the protection of keystone species.

The industrialisation that has occurred in the oceans over the last century mirrors the events that triggered mass extinctions on land. Industrial scale fishing, habitat destruction, species loss and pollution have placed the ocean in peril.

The very nature of the sea is being irretrievably altered. The ocean can no longer be thought of as a place of limitless resources, a dumping ground, immune to change or decline. We have learnt a lot about how the ocean operates, but need to act on that knowledge before it's too late.

Blue comes at a time when we are making critical decisions that will decide the legacy we leave for generations to come, and shows us there is a way forward and that the time to act is now.


Blue — the team:

Karina Holden
is Head of Factual at Northern Pictures where she oversees content creation and directs her own films she has worked as commissioning editor of science and natural history at ABC TV, overseeing the production of 150 hours of factual content. Passionate about protecting nature, with a Postgraduate degree in Conservation Biology her work has led her to work the Great Barrier Reef, the Simpson Desert and the wet tropics of the Northern Australia.

Lucas Handley
is a marine biologist, underwater photographer and freedive instructor, who works to promote a global approach to ecologically sustainable development. He is helping villagers in the Solomon Islands and the Philippines keep their reefs intact by developing their own ecotourism enterprises.

Madison Stewart aka Shark Girl who appears in Rob Stewart's Sharkwater Extinction, at 16 decided to dedicate her life to the protection and preservation of sharks. As an underwater filmmaker she wants to show the world what is being destroyed. More than 73 million sharks are taken for the shark fin trade alone each year. She uses her camera and social media as tools to grow public awareness about the plight of sharks.

Philip Mango runs Nanum Wungthim Rangers, a highly successful sea turtle rescue operation. Working with Ghostnets Australia, he leads a team of six hardworking rangers all of whom are passionate about their coastline, rescuing injured marine life and removing ghost nets from their coastline each year.

Dr Jennifer Lavers is a marine eco-toxicologist with expertise in seabird ecology, plastic pollution, invasive species management, and fisheries by-catch. The long-term monitoring of sea bird colonies has taken her to remote locations around the globe, has worked for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the US Fish and Wildlife Service and is now a research scientist at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania.

Tim Silverwood is an environmentalist, plastics campaigner, sustainability advocate and surfer. Travelling the globe with his surf board, he made a personal decision to clean plastic from his favorite surfing beaches and his desire to inspire others to do the same has led him down an extraordinary path of scientific exploration, advocacy and activism.

Mark Dia is the Regional Oceans campaigner for Greenpeace South East Asia. Through his work, he has uncovered illegal fishing practices, corruption and labour abuses within the seafood industry, and is fighting hard for global sustainable fishing practices.

Valerie Taylor has been diving for more than 60 years. At 82 she can tell stories about a sea bursting with life, the great schools of fish, sharks as far as the eye can see which she says are now gone. Valerie and her late husband, shark protection pioneer Ron Taylor, carved out an extraordinary career with their stunning marine documentaries and were the first people to film great white sharks without a cage, which lead to them working on countless shark films and Steven Spielberg's genre-defining Jaws. The list of film and television credits is exhaustive but it's the conservation work Valerie has done both in Australia and around the world that is truly impressive.

About Sparky Pictures Ltd. Sparky Pictures is an independent film and television company based in London whose films include Sharkwater Extinction and The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot starring Sam Elliott. The company works closely with film-makers to originate and distribute content about which it is passionate and to effectively reach audiences across all media via its established relationships, infrastructure and expertise. Its team has decades of film and TV experience enabling the company to distribute, develop and produce film, documentary, television and digital content, both locally and around the world.

Blue DVD Release Date: 1 July 2019 | Cat No: Sparky1001 | RRP: £15.99 | On digital VOD platfroms from 29 April 2019

"Blue is a cinematic song for our oceans; beautiful, intimate and grand. Fearlessly truth-telling, yet passionately hopeful. See this film and you will want to rise up with the waves" Greenpeace Australia

"An important reminder of the fragility of our planet's environment" The Australian

Win the DVD (MotorBar has two copies up for grabs!) and find out! To be in with a chance of winning Blue on DVD tell us: How many sharks are killed for the shark fin trade each year?

A) 37 million

B) 73 million

C) 75 million

Only one entry per person. Email your answer to before the closing date of 10th June.

Please also make sure you put 'BLUE' in the subject line and include your name, age, address, and a contact number.
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